High Profit

Our investment plan guarantees you a considerable high income, generating profit in your account every hour, helping to secure your financial future.


We have a reliable team of expert traders with several years of trading expirience. More so, our company is confirmed by Companies House.


our online support team are always there 24/7 to resopnd to any of your questions. simply write to us via the lifechat feature and get reply within minutes.

Easy to use telegram bot

The bot is a comfortable and easy to use investment tool that helps you manage your investments with bitpelican. it offers you a secure, reliable and easy experience on investing. Just open the bot, click on START, then press Deposit button, send your investment and start earning.

Investment Plan

Choose from the four investment plans presented below, depending on the amount you want to invest, and whether you want a short one day investment, or an investment with a 30 day life span that generate income for you every hour.

Start Plan

6% Daily
for 30 days

accruals every 1 hour

MIN 0.001 BTC - MAX 0.2 BTC

Advance Plan

7% Daily
for 25 days

accruals every 1 hour

MIN 0.2001 BTC - MAX 1.0 BTC

VIP Plan

8% Daily
for 20 days

accruals every 1 hour

MIN 1.001 BTC - MAX 20 BTC

Trial Plan

After 1 day

accrued after 1 day

MIN 0.001 BTC - MAX 10 BTC



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Total Return: (Ƀ)

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Nov-12-2019 06:10:53 AM runrunza Ƀ0.00100065
Nov-12-2019 03:16:58 PM sujan123 Ƀ0.00052800
Nov-12-2019 03:16:01 PM Alex52 Ƀ0.00062950
Nov-12-2019 03:15:58 PM Jikkee Ƀ0.00062500
Nov-12-2019 03:15:57 PM psv1964 Ƀ0.00174726
Nov-12-2019 03:15:50 PM Loliana Ƀ0.00051000
Nov-12-2019 03:15:49 PM leha5ml Ƀ0.00060000
Nov-12-2019 03:15:46 PM lana77 Ƀ0.00089338
Nov-12-2019 03:12:22 PM Piggythings Ƀ0.00571600
Nov-12-2019 03:08:18 PM LTCMiner Ƀ0.00051875
Nov-12-2019 03:08:17 PM Splinter Ƀ0.00054000


Total Members

Ƀ 6.76942654

Total Deposited

Ƀ 1.10234435

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Your structure development scheme

affiliate program

As a member of the Bit Pelican, you have the opportunity to receive commissions from up to three levels of people you invited without restrictions. If they use your referral link when registering, you will receive a commission on each deposit they make and from people who will be below them.

About Us

BitPelican Limited

Invest from 0.001 BTC with little or no risk and get great profits every day with our program

We offer our clients excellent investment services, that accrues interest every 1 hour
BitPelican Limited is a UK registered company specializing in day trading operations in a number of markets, including Stock Market, Forex, Cryptocurrencies and Binary Options
Our goal is to provide investment opportunities for all types of investors who wish to make a profit quickly with low risk. In addition, our project is offered to investors who wish to maintain a long time of partnership
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